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Have  you ever wondered what your biosensitivity score?  Take a self-examination of the following factors and it will help you determine your sensitivity:  a) certain foods make my skin flare up b) when I’m stressed, my face/neck/chest react with redness c)my skin itches/burns in response to fragrances, certain fabrics, etc. d) i have dry patches on my skin that are tight and itchy e) i live in a metropolitan/densely-populated area f) i have seen a skin care professional for microdermabrasion, retinol, peels or Isotretinoin.

If you find that you agree with most of the statements above as it relates to your skin type, then you may want to consider an ultracalming cleanser.  Ultracalming should be your primary regimen for serious relief of sensitized skin and flare-ups.


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Yes, there is a new twist.  Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) is a water-soluble derivative of Vitamin C known to help with skin conditions ranging from acne to hyperpigmentation and premature aging.  It is also the main ingredient in Dermalogica’s new MAP-15 Regenerator, which delivers the highest, most efficacious concentration of MAP on the market.  Often times when skin care ingredients, such as Vitamin C, are dispensed through a tube, bottle or jar, they instantly react with oxygen or light and subsquently lose efficacy.

MAP-15 Regenerator works through a unique powder-to-emulsion technology that ensures stability.  When dispensed onto a fingertip, MAP is in a powder form.  It maintains this powder form until finger touches face and creates a gentle pressure that causes the powder to break.  It is not until the powder breaks, transform into an emulsion and is blended into the skin that MAP become most efficacious, ensuring maximum benefit to skin.

MAP,  helps stimulate collagen, provides anitoxidant defense, lessens the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acts as an anti-inflammatory and can actually help minimize damaged caused by UV rays if applied within 10 minutes of exposure.

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